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Corporate Events

If you want to see the atmosphere of your office elevate to rooms filled with smiles, inform your staff that a reflexologist is available for them visit. Moods will shift and productivity will increase. Just knowing they are about to receive reflexology can initiate a sense of relaxation and well being.


Employees need acknowledgement that their work is appreciated and that they, as individuals, are valued.

Rooted In Reflexology services are more personal than a material gift.  They are a gift of health that will be truly appreciated by your staff.


Corporate Reflexology Sessions can be performed within your office space.  They are convenient, cost effective and highly appreciated by employees.  Bookings are also available for holiday parties or bonuses.


Sessions can be booked for as little as 4 hours and as much as an entire week.  They can be booked weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The more you book, the lower the cost. 


Session choices can be determined by the preference of the recipient or a uniform therapy can be selected for all of the employees. The options are flexible.

How Can Your Employees Benefit From Reflexology?

Reflexology is preventative health care. Feeling good is contagious, can change the entire work environment and reduce employee sick time. This, of course, translates to greater productivity and profits.


Reflexology revitalizes energy and allows it to flow consciously and unconsciously.  Energy flows mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  When energy is free flowing, a person feels good and others respond to them more positively. Reflexology provides profound relaxation. By calming the mind and reducing tension, mental alertness is restored, clear thought channels are reopened, creativity is stimulated and productivity is enhanced.


Reflexology sessions are non-invasive, do not require your employees to disrobe, and can be performed while reclining in a chair or lying on a table.


4 hour single day bookings for any service options are $400

8 hour single day bookings for any service options are $700

Want to send your Employee of the Month each month to the Rooted In Reflexology office for my Signature 2 hour sessions?

12 Reflexology Sessions for $1620 ($135 per each 2 hour session)

*This pricing is for within a 12 mile radius of the Rooted In Reflexology office in Coral Gables. For greater distances, a travel fee of $50 will be applied

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